Red Palm Weevil Treatment

Red Palm Weevil Treatment

We bring sustainable solutions to your home, crop or town by combining the suitable tools and actions.

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Can you detect the red palm weevil? And see the symptoms?

Deect palm weevil

Did you know that it is a beetle, that can fly and that eats our palm trees from the inside? Now it is the moment to learn how to detect the symptoms of its presence on our tree. Find it on your palm tree before the damage gets too big and kills the palm tree.

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Glen Biotech will treat 2,000 palm trees against red palm weevil in the Palmeral de Elche palm grove, a World Heritage Site

The city council and the company, which was founded at the University of Alicante, have signed an agreement to apply Phoemyc, a biological and sustainable solution against this plague

Elche, 3 May 2016

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Glen Biotech exhibits Phoemyc at Expogarden: an aid in the fight against red palm weevi

On 4 and 5 January, Glen Biotech will be at Expogarden, the annual gathering of garden centres and horticulture companies now in its 14th year. Expogarden runs for two days in Madrid and brings together 75 associated establishments. We will be exhibiting Phoemyc, an aid in the fight against red palm weevil. […]

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Red palm weevil treatment tips

Think hard about which red palm weevil treatment is going to work best on your palm trees.

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Glen Biotech to run a course on detection and treatment of red palm weevil

From next Saturday, Glen Biotech will be running a course in Elche on the comprehensive management of red palm weevil, the pest threatening the largest palm grove in Europe and a UNESCO world heritage site. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the main pests affecting palm trees, the symptoms that indicate the presence of the weevil in our trees and the handling of various chemical and biological red palm weevil treatments. Glen Biotech has another other sustainable solution that helps maintain the health of the palm naturally, making it stronger and helping it expel the insect. This sustainable product is called Phoemyc.