picudo rojo Elche
picudo rojo Elche

Red palmweevil Elche Alicante Castellón Valencia Barcelona Mahón Badalona Almería Málaga Sevilla Córdoba… Is your city in one of these? There is red palm weevil in more cities. Treat your palm trees for keep them healthy.


Glen Biotech born as a spin off from Alicante University in 2010, through the technology from one their laboratories. Since 2005, when red palm weevil appears in Elche, until now, this red beetle has made damage wherever it goes. In that year in the Alicante University We begin to research for give solutions to this pest in a sustainable way. Nowadays we can strengthen your palm tree, so that the treatment against red palm weevil does not be toxic for you or your environment. Now this beetle, which kills our plants, has traveled several countries from the north to the south, from east to west. In Spain is located in areas as different as Valencia or Galicia, Extemadura, Baleares, Aragon, Catalonia or Andalusia.

What we do?

In Glen Biotechwe not only manufacture products, we can approach the professional in your area o make you the professional that you need to resolve your problem. Are you professional and you are looking for clients? We can help you. Are you looking for training? We are for what you need.

In Glen Biotech we are seeking to bring biotechnological tools to the market, giving solutions to landscaping and agriculture problems. For that reason, we havea team of people who create solutions adapted to your garden pests, we integrated pest management programs with the best tools for you and your pets. We develop products and give services. If you want to treat your palms by yourself it is possible easily, we can show you how. If you want solutions and you do not want to care about how to give it, we care about you… enjoy your garden, we treat for you.


We believe in sustainable solutions, which effectively solve agricultural and ornamental plants problems. We believe that biotechnology can help to create control tools to give solutions to different pests, without creating new problems. We believe that following nature we are walking on the way where efficacy go together with sustainability. We believe that the tomorrow will be better.

We are convinced to take the road that joins science and business, we give way to innovative ideas that solve real problems. We think that science helps to build a world where changes is worth living.