At present, Glen Biotech is registering as phytosanitary in Europe a product against the red palm weevil. This product is partly based upon the work of the Phytopathology Laboratory of the University of Alicante. Do you want to learn more? Click on the image below.

The product has been developed after more than five years of research initiated on the Phytopathology Laboratory of the University of Alicante. The starting point for this work was the trials and tests included in two doctoral thesis from this laboratory. A new technology has been developed during this five years: A natural enemy against the red palm weevil was searched on the field and, from the different enthomopathogenic fungal isolates that were found, the best isolate was selected. It was also selected the vehicle for its application, a solid, granulated vegetable substrate, and it was developed the formulation process at laboratory scale. It was studied the mode of action and trials were carried out under laboratory, semi-field and field conditions. All this process has led to having a product that is effective against the red palm weevil, sustainable and not harmful neither for the environment nor for the human health.

Fungus vs pests such as the red palm weevil

We have succeeded in repeating what nature does, but on a large scale, which enables us to have a real solution to a serious agricultural problem. Available soon for you.