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We want to make the pest control easier, so that it can be easier to spread the experience we have been getting during these years to all the public. For that reason, we have made some comics to understand different concepts. These comics would be monthly published. We also hope to interact through the blog, in order to find new solutions to this problem.

We like palm trees, we love these plants and we dream about their survival in this uncertain future. Do you share this dream? Do you want to join us? Learn with Glen and help us to improve for you.


Trampea bien

PDF document: Make good traps

Info: We want you to see easily the differences in a good layout of the traps against the red palm weevil. In our humble experience, we recommend you these traps to be placed by qualified people.

We hope you find it useful, have a look at our blog and ask us your doubts. We will use them for our next publications.

The Glen Team.


[ES][OR] Pulveriza Bien

PDF document: Good Sprayed

Info: 1 image is worth a 1000 words. The larvae die on contact with the active material we use, only if it comes to exercise its action. Therefore, the treatment becomes how influences to be effective

We hope to serve you.

The Glen Team.


[ES][OR] Juegos

PDF document: Noughts & Crosses

PDF document: Searches for differences

PDF document: The maze

The Glen Team.

What’s the red palm weevil?

PDF document: ]Life cycle of red palm weevil

The Glen Team.