Universidad de Alicante
In Glen we are proud to have been the first company to have arisen rom the University of Alicante, but we are even prouder of not having been the last…science has a place in Alicante.
Berenice Güerri, Glen Biotech

Glen Biotech, a spin-off of the University of Alicante (EBT UA) – Set out on a sustainable path at your fingertips

We are looking for solutions for you, sustainable, effective and real. We don’t want the future to be sold to an uncertain present. We want that the path we take doesn’t mean a future problem. We want our products to match your needs on your gardens and fields. We want our solutions to be respectful with the environment, in the end this is everybody’s house.

From the year 2005, when I started my thesis on the biological control of agricultural interest pests, an innovative and sustainable tool has been developed from the Phytopathology Lab of the University of Alicante (FUA) to support the fight against the red palm weevil (RPW). Base on this product and the acquired knowledge, we have established the technology based Company, Glen Biotech. There is no better way to thank society its support for research than to find a solution, mature enough, to a very alarming problem.

Our job, according to this philosophy, is focused on creating sustainable solutions to environmental problems. The product, designed to help palm trees on the fight against RPW, has required 5 years of research and it has been based on the over 20 years’ experience of our laboratory. At present, we have a plant defence booster that can help your palm trees and we are also registering as phytosanitary in Europe a product that fights against the RPW. In the future, we will have a phytosanitary product against this red beetle.

In Glen Biotech, we create sustainable solutions and easy protocols to keep your palms healthy without red palm weevil. The red beetle won’t be a stranger to you; we help you to understand it and fight it.

We have a product, Phoemyc, that can help you in the fight against this insect. But if you need help, the technical team of Glen Biotech can help you, giving you information or treating your plants. You choose, we help you.

Our vision is focused on a close horizon, having the first specific phytosanitary against the red palm weevil. Currently, we are immersed in the registering process so that a sustainable solution can eat the problems of your palm tree.

Berenice Güerri Agulló and the Glen Team