On 4 and 5 January, Glen Biotech will be at Expogarden, the annual gathering of garden centres and horticulture companies now in its 14th year. Expogarden runs for two days in Madrid and brings together 75 associated establishments. We will be exhibiting Phoemyc, an aid in the fight against red palm weevil.

Glen Biotech, a company born at the University of Alicante, will be exhibiting Phoemyc at its stand. Phoemyc is the commercial name of the Beauveria bassiana 203 fungus used in the ecological treatment of palm trees against red palm weevil. It strengthens the plant, thereby enabling it to cope with the insect. We will also be displaying some of the forms in which it is prepared.

Visitors can learn first-hand the various options for using the product, from the standard tilting basket on a pole to a new drone currently in the testing phase, which will be exhibited at our stand over the two days.

Gardeners will also be shown a schedule of training courses adjusted to the new flight cycles of the red palm weevil, which are early this year due to the abnormal temperatures.

One of the aims is to raise awareness about the need for a series of measures to prevent the red palm weevil from continuing to feed on our palms unhindered. We will be offering a red palm weevil treatment that is as effective and environmentally friendly as possible. This includes strengthening the palm and a treatment that requires no water, which is good for the environment.

For more information on this topic or any others, make sure to visit our stand at Expogarden or contact us at info@glenbiotech.es or through the contact form on our website.