Natural enemies – Nature’s allies

Natural enemies

What are natural enemies?

It is a pleasure to see how nature itself works for you. There are insects that you should know and use in your plants.

The products that you have been using so far in your garden have kill the bad and the good; the insects that were harmful for your plants and the ones that kept pests under control. It is time to help nature again and use insect populations as the personal guard of your plants. They will eat the pests that you may have in your orchard, garden or crop.

Use natural enemies.
Let #biologicalcontrol be the fashion hashtag.

  • Sustainable
  • Non toxic
  • They do not generate resistances
  • They do not generate waste

If you have pests in your garden and you do not know what they are, ask us, Send us a photo of what you see at, our technicians can recommend what you need to buy and when you should apply it.


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Natural enemies