Until now, was it red palm weevil treatment = failure? Are you tired of so many chemicals? Won’t you like to forget about problems with fungus? Do you want something easier to apply?

Glen Biotech was formed in the University of Alicante in the year 2010 to give sustainable and health-friendly solutions to problems in gardens and crops. We create products and give technical support in applying them. Do you want our products and apply them yourself? No problem, it is very simple, you won’t need any kind of license. Do you want solutions and not concerns? Don’t worry; we can provide you a tool set that will solve your problems.

In Glen Biotechwe have developed a solution that is different to the treatments you have used so far against the red palm weevil. Are you tired of wearing security coveralls to treat your palm trees? Use Phoemyc and feel the difference; the preventive treatment the makes your plant stronger.

  • It is not toxic for the plant; so you avoid the phytotoxic effect that chemicals have on plants. That is the reason why in some palm trees the bases of the leaves are darkened.
  • It is an ecological product. It harms neither the environment nor you.

Phoemyc is a fungus that we have found in a palm tree groove in Elche. The product has been developed in the University of Alicante, based on the knowledge built up over 15 years. This organism helps to boost plant defences and allows you to use less chemicals to keep your palm trees healthy.

Phoemyc is a new and revolutionary product that helps us keep our palm trees free of red palm weevils through Integrated Pest Management Programs (IPM).

  1. Phoemyc is a new and revolutionary product.
  2. It is a fungus that we have found naturally living in a palm tree groove in Elche.
  3. It helps us to boost our palm tree defences.
  4. It is an authorised product in organic farming.
  5. We can keep our palm trees healthy reducing the use of toxic products.
  6. It is compatible with other red palm weevil control existing tools.

Do you want us to treat your plants? You can contact us on the same address writing to info@glenbiotech.es

Do you want to check yourself if your plants are healthy? Visit our guide

The treatments against the red palm weevil won’t be the same. Phoemyc helps you

Phoemyc Triptych

Phoemyc Triptych

Brochure Phoemyc Palm Trees

Brochure Phoemyc Palm Trees