GISGIS (Geographic Information System) is the tool that allows us to maintain a control over what we do on our plants and it helps us to know the plant’s condition in every moment. Place your plants on a map and add to that point the information you’ve gathered (Phytosanitary state, treatment done, photograpies, etc…).

If you are from a town council or a company that keeps clients palm trees, and you need to know how is the palm tree in every moment, what has been done and who has done it, this is your tool.

Add a tablet to your visits and instantly capture the information; then send it directly to your client by mail and we will be able to open it with Google Earth. You can also improve that information with your computer with specific software. GIS is not difficult, we make it easy for you.

Management never was so easy; place on a map your plants, treatments and actions.

In Glen we can make the inspections for your o teach you and your staff how to do it. You’ll see how the management of your plants gets simpler. If you are bored of papers; of not knowing what to do, how to do it, who does it or if it has been done, this type of tool will be of great benefit for you. If you need to have all your data rapidly collected and your plants located, but later you want to continue managing yourself your plants, gardens or town…we can also help you.