Is it difficult for you to detect the presence of the red palm weevil? Do you want us to inspect your plants? We check what is happening to your palm trees and we recommend you what you should do to keep them healthy. We build treatment calendars that help you do this.

Do you think that every type of damage caused by the red palm weevil is treated the same way? Normally you would go to the doctor, he asks you what is the problem, you answer him and from that point he will prescribe what medicines and actions you should follow. So then…why don’t you listen to your plants? Do you think that every type of damage means the same?.

Listen to your doctor. If all diseases don’t need the same solutions, if the severity of symptoms affects the type of medication you get, why do you always prescribe the same to your palm tree?

We have developed a 5 levels red palm weevil damage scale for palm trees. Levels:

  1. Palm trees without visual symptoms of red palm weevil: It looks healthy, but the weevil doesn’t show its face until months later.
  2. Palm trees with damaged leaves; the type with triangular shape. It was caused some months ago by the larvae that were feeding in the interior of the palm when the leaves were forming. The damage is already some months old when you get to see it.
  3. Palm trees with lack of symmetry: some fallen leaves leave gaps on the shape of the palm tree and hence the right and left sides of the tree don’t like a reflection (typical damage in canary palm trees).
  4. Palm trees with lack of leaves in the central part: the larvae have been eating in the centre of the palm tree. What is in the centre? The apical bud. What is it? The only point of growth of the palm tree. If the damage in this part is too extensive there won’t grow new leaves. The plant is practically dead; when the existing leaves get dry, there won’t be new ones to replace them.
  5. Dead palm tree.

Do you want to check them yourself right now? Visit our guide

Do you have doubts? Send us some photos of your plants to If they are palm trees, download first this manual that explains in a simple way how take the pictures so that we can inspect the palms from the distance.