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If you want a healthy salad, the first thing is to have healthy ingredients. Your vegetables in organic with Bemyc is possible.
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What it is Bemyc?

Bemyc is a fungus that eats the white fly. The spores of the fungus germinate, penetrate the cuticle of the insect and grow inside it,causingthe death of the insect.After this, the fungus re-emerges to the outside, producing more fungal spores and being able to affect the population of thepest nearby

What is the white fly?

The white fly is an insect that damages our vegetables. It looks like a small fly and it has a whitish colour, hence its name.

Authorized crops

Tomato and pepper

Bemyc info
LOW LEVEL OF PEST 1 g/l 2-3 times Every 7 days
HIGH LEVEL OF PEST 1 g/l 3-4 times Every 7 days
  • Keep the product cool until the use. In fridge (4-6ºC)
  • The fungus needs moisture to penetrate the insect. For this reason, an average relative humidity of 70% will help the fungus kill the insect. The first or the last hours of the day will be the most suitable for the application
  • Spray the underside of the leaf, where the insect is present and the fungus will be in contact with its different states
  • Apply with temperatures between 18-30ºC
  • It is recommended to use it together with vegetable oil or phosphoric soaps
  • Do not use fungicides, if you apply fungicides wait 3 days for the application of Bemyc. Do not use Bemyc together with these active substances: captan, clortalonil, fenarimol, diclofluanida, imazalil, maneb, procloraz, quinometionato or thiram
aplicacion bemyc
Open the envelope and mix in a pre-basin to allow the contents to be homogenized in water (mixture 1).
When you have a homogeneous mixture, take it to the final volume where the product is at a concentration of 0.1% (1g / liter, mixture 2).
Pass the mixture 1 to the tank that you will use for the application (backpack, tank, etc.), add enough water to achieve the necessary concentration.
The product is ready for its application by spraying on the leafs. Remember to wet the underside of the leafs
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