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picudo rojo Elche
picudo rojo Elche


Glen Biotech emerges as a spin off from the University of Alicante in 2010, from the technology derived from one of its laboratories. Since 2005, when the red palm weevil arrived in Elche, until now, this red beetle has caused problems wherever it has appeared. In that year, in the University of Alicante we started investigating for a sustainable solution against this pest. Today, we can make your palm tree stronger, so that the treatment against the red palm weevil is not toxic neither for you nor your environment. This beetle that kills our plants has traveled through several countries from north to south, from east to west. In Spain, we find it in very diverse areas such as Valencia, Galicia, Extemadura, Baleares, Aragón, Cataluña or Andalucía.

What we do

In Glen Biotech we not only manufacture products, we can also bring you closer to professionals in your area or be the professional you need to solve your problem. Are you a professional and are you looking for clients? We can help you. Do you want to train? we are here for what you need.

In Glen Biotech we aim to bring biotechnological tools to the market, solving problems at the landscaping and agricultural level. For this reason, we have a team of people who create solutions adapted to your garden pests, we generate integrated pest management programs with the best tools for you and your pets. We create products and we give you service. If you want to treat your palms yourself, it is possible in a simple way, we show you how. If you want solutions and do not want to worry about how to get them, we take care of them… Enjoy the garden, we treat for you.


We believe in sustainable solutions that effectively solve problems in agriculture and ornamental plants. We believe that biotechnology can help create control tools that provide solutions to different pests, without creating new problems. We believe that following nature we will be traveling along a path where efficiency is not at odds with sustainability. We believe in waiting now, that tomorrow will be better.

We are convinced that, by undertaking a path that unites science and business, we give way to innovative ideas that solve real problems. We think that science helps create a world where changes are worth living.

Red Palm Weevil Elche Alicante Castellón Valencia Barcelona Mahón Badalona Almería Málaga Sevilla Córdoba … is it your city among these?There is red palm weevil in many more places, treat your palm trees to keep them healthy

Human Team

Technical Department

Our objective is to know the needs of the agricultural and gardening sector, to learn about new opportunities and to pave the way for our R + D + i department to advance in the most sustainable solutions.

Once we have achieved alternative products, our job is to create treatment guidelines and be in direct contact with the user.

To help and to know are our key words.

R + D + I Department

We innovate in our day to day to achieve what professionals need: products adapted to the most demanding, sustainable and effective markets.

Our key Word: Innovation

Production Department

We manufacture our own products. We produce in Spain, in a town near Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig.

Our key Word: Quality

Commercial Department

We keep a fluent communication with our customers, our goal is to offer sustainable and effective alternatives for the treatment of pests, such as the red palm weevil.

Our keyword: “IPM, integrated pest management”

The history of a Phytosanitary Registration

In 2005 the University of Alicante discovered a fungus that killed the red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) in an Elche palm grove (Southeast of Spain). An adult of this pest was found dead by the fungus known as Beauveria bassiana, which was identified as isolate 203 (Bb203). During the following 5 years it was investigated, formulated and tested, to achieve a product that could be applied in the field and could control this pest.

The product developed is applied dry, does not generate waste and is not toxic to mammals, reptiles or birds. It is an organism that is naturally found in our soils. However, for its use in the fight against the red palm weevil, it needs an European phytosanitary registration (Regulation (EC) nº 1107/2009).

This registration process began in 2011. From that date until 2017, the necessary information was prepared to draft the Phytosanitary Dossier. This dossier includes the required information that shows that the use of Bb203 is effective and safe for applicators, users of green spaces, pets, the environment and bees. All this information was made by companies outside Glen Biotech, approved by Europe to perform this type of work. This dossier is the basis on which Europe will carry out the evaluation and authorization of Bb203.

Phoemyc Plus registration schedule
The Netherlands is a country with a long tradition in mushroom research. For this reason, they were in charge of working with the prepared dossier and from it they issued, in 2018, a work summary for the rest of the member states, which is known as the Draft Evaluation Report (DAR). Following this process, the Netherlands has proposed Bb203 as a Low Risk Active Substance.

In 2018-2019 the DAR will be studied by all member states. This process will end with the inclusion of the active substance; after that, the product registration will begin. According to the regulation, since it is a low risk substance, the product registration should end 4 months after the authorization of Bb203.

At least 14 years are needed to bring to society the solution found by the University of Alicante.


Public Grants

EBT Glen Biotech
Sello PYME INNOVADORA 31/12/2018
Valid until December 31, 2018

Innovative SME seal. For more information link

MINECO Minesterio de Economia y Competitividad

The subprogram of scientific and technological actions in science and technology parks (INNPLANTA) has as its fundamental objective to contribute to the creation of a favorable environment of collaboration, which allows for the efficient transfer of the research results generated in the scientific and technological parks, preferably to the entities installed in the parks, favoring cooperation between the different agents of the science, technology, business and citizen system.

MINECO Minesterio de Economia y CompetitividadFEDER

This subprogram INNCORPORA grants to support and reinforce the hiring of qualified staff, in order to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and technology to the productive sector and to promote business innovation. The State Innovation Strategy (e2i) has been designed to help transform our economy into a sustainable economy, with high added value jobs, and more stable in the face of fluctuations in the economic cycle. The e2i establishes five axes of action with the objective of placing Spain in ninth place in the world of innovation in 2015. In one of these axes, the so-called HUMAN CAPITAL aims to empower people by incorporating talent and innovative capacity to the productive sector, is where this call for grant is framed.


Development of new uses of Beauveria bassiana 203 and search for new complementary active substances. Project co-financed by the ERDF Funds, within the ERDF Operational Program of the Valencian Region 2014-2020 through a grant program of the IVACE.


New technical advances in agricultural biotechnology based on Beauveria bassiana 203. Project co-financed by the ERDF Funds, within the ERDF Operational Program of the Valencian Region 2014-2020 through a grant program of the IVACE.

GO Palmeras Project

Grants for the creation of supraautonomic operating groups

Logo Feader, Map, PNDR
Meeting of the Operative Group

Meeting of the Operative Group (GO) during the development of the work

Project Funded with FEADER Funds

National Program for Rural Development 2014-2020


Responsible subsidy of the General Directorate of Rural Development and Forest Policy, as the management authority responsible for the application of the EAFRD and corresponding national grant 

Subsidy: € 65,439.99

EU co-financing: 80%

This project aims to promote a valued and profitable product for farmers and the professionalization of the palm sector. It is intended to update a traditional sector, bringing the crop closer to the consumer, in order to boost its commercialization.

What we focused on
Overall objective
Evaluate the way of assessing the cultivation of the palm tree and the products obtained from it.
1. Condition of the palm groves
Evaluate the information on the condition of the palm groves. Value tools to make palm groves in disuse available, such as custody tools. Evaluate local varieties of dates that help to give value to the crop. Evaluate promoting its implementation.
2. Professionals and tools that they use
Establecer base de protocolo para el cultivo ecológico.Establish a protocol base for organic farming. Evaluate a regulated training that forms professionals focused on the use of the palm tree for the cultivation of dates. Evaluate the needs for standardization of tools for professionals in the sector.
3. Marketing
Marketing in a differentiated way, involving the consumer in the distribution channel, providing direct contact with the producer and the history of this type of crop.



AEPA – Association of Professional Women and Managers of the Province of Alicante

Our manager belongs to this association, which unites the women who grow as professionals in the province.

AEPA - alianza

TBE – University of Alicante

Technology Based Enterprises (TBE) of the University of Alicante are those companies promoted by the University of Alicante, by request of his PDI, whose object of business is based in knowledge, technology or innovation developed by the University, that fulfill with the requirements that the applicable legislation establishes at all times and that are designated as such within the framework of the provisions of the regulations of the UA Lines of Work.

EBT Universidad De Alicante
Equality as a flag at Glen Biotech
Seal of equality of AEPA

Equality Seal AEPA

Red Cross equality table
Company awarded in 2014 for its favorable vision in the implementation of real equality in its team.

Powered by SYMBORG 

In January 2022, Glen Biotech was acquired by Symborg Biotech.

Through Glen Biotech technology, based on the fungus Beauveria bassiana 203, Symborg will develop new products that provide farmers with biological mechanisms for pest control

Symborg is a leading agricultural biotechnology company that helps farmers maximize crop yields with minimal resources, contributing to more sustainable agriculture. Symborg develops, manufactures and markets innovative biostimulants, biofertilizers and biocontrol solutions for all types of crops and agricultural systems. Thanks to its commitment to R+D+i, Symborg has a commercial presence in more than 50 countries and 9 subsidiaries in Spain and Portugal, France, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Turkey and China.

Powered by Symborg

fondo social europeoministerior de economia y competitividadAEPA AlicanteEnisaSello PYME INNOVADORA 25/10/2021

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