Comprehensive red palm weevil management course. Red palm weevil treatment

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Comprehensive red palm weevil management course. Red palm weevil treatment

A new course on the comprehensive management of red palm weevil started in Elche on Saturday 6 February. The course covers treatment of red palm weevil and measures to improve the health of trees.

We are not aiming to eliminate red palm weevil. It is better to create a method to help the plant develop natural defence mechanisms against the insect and control it that way.

 This talk deals with issues affecting our palms and proposes a series of solutions to address them.

 Glen Biotech has provided the information to attendees in a range of files, which show how to employ some of the measures that palm trees require, as well as potential treatments and how to implement them.

 The red palm weevil problem has been around for a long time and it is time we all do our bit to address it. This includes learning how to create a red palm weevil treatment that can be followed, as far as possible, to address the problem.

 It is also very important to create a schedule reflecting every step required in the process. This means knowing what to do.

 We also need to make our neighbours aware of what we are doing in our gardens, within limits, because treatment may involve chemical treatments that might be harmful to the health. If one tree is affected, it is important that we follow certain guidelines to prevent the infestation from spreading.

 We will continue the course in Elche next Saturday the 13th of February.

 If you are interested in receiving training on this topic, please make sure to contact us.

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