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Endotherapy and palm tree pruning

It is very important to perform endotherapy correctly and prune your palms.

When seeking advice from horticultural experts, keep in mind whether they know how to implement all the measures your plants need.

 We’ve all heard gardeners say they are going to perform endotherapy on the plant to treat a red palm weevil problem. However, remember that these procedures require a degree of knowledge to be performed correctly.

 The picture below shows a cannula inserted incorrectly into the palm. This can cause problems, which is why it is so important to perform endotherapy properly.

Poorly executed endotherapy and pruning

Poorly executed endotherapy and pruning


The cannula is the green device shown in the photograph. As you can see, not only is it sticking out too far, but also the palm has not been drained to enable the product to be correctly administered.

Making sure the cannula is correctly inserted is not the only important factor. You also have to think about how the wound is sealed. At a glance, it is obvious that cannula insertion is more difficult than it appears.

 Moreover, pruning should be done while the weather is cold because the resultant wounds tend to weep less. In other words, the notion that palm trees should be pruned in summer is a mistake that can lead to infestation of pests such as red palm weevil. This is because pests are attracted by the odours given off when palm trees are cut.

 Lastly, you also need to pay attention to simple pruning, as well as plant treatments such as endotherapy


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