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What are nematodes?

They are microscopic “worms” that eat some non beneficial insects such as the red palm weevil.

What is the red palm weevil?

It is an insect that can feed on plants such as palm trees or agaves.

DOSE aprox. 25×106 nematodes/palm tree (in other words, 106 nematodes/ 1 litre of mixture of nematodes+water). One canary palm tree normally needs 25 litres of mixture. When preparing the mixture, adjust the concentration to have one million nematodes per each litre of mixture..
WITH WHAT with water
HOW OFTEN 30 days
WHEN From September to May
  • They are living organisms, apply them using low pressure and removing the filters of the machine you employ.
  • They must be kept cold until the moment of application. Use a fridge.
  • Apply them when the temperature is mild (months in red). Not during the months in black.
  • During the months marked in blue, if the temperatures are mild. However, it would be better to use other tools such as Phoemyc.
  • Add tools throughout the year to keep your palms heatlhy: Phoemyc, spraying, endotherapy, pruning….
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To apply the product, select a day that is not hot. If you have just bought it, remember to check that the product is still cold. It is important that the cold chain is not broken until you make the mixture. If you need to make the application and the day is hot, apply the product during the last hours of the day and cool down the plant tree first.

As a general rule, to apply the product it is recommended to follow the following steps:
1. Keep the bags cool until the product is going to be used by using a fridge or a cool-box with ice. Some container that keeps the ideal conditions for the nematodes to survive.
2. Pre-mixture: Add 5 litres of water to a bucket, open the bag and mix its content with the water. The bag can not be divided for separated applications, as we won’t know the concentration of the product. Water must be at a temperature between 15-20ºC. Stir until homogeneous.
3. IMPORTANT: The tools must be cleanif they have been used before for applying chemicals; these could damage the nematodes. We must remove the filters from the application machines (tank, pole, etc..). Fill the tank with the necessary amount of water (to reach the desired concentration) and add the content of the bucket. Stir continuously to avoid nematodes to deposit at the bottom.
4. Apply on the plant (palm tree) with no pressure, with a stream of product directed to the high part of the plant or area to treat (crown in palm trees). This way the liquid will find the galleries and penetrate until it reaches its prey (red palm weevil larvae in palm trees).
5. Don’t forget to clean the used equipment after the use.

You can apply, throughout the year, different tools that help you maintain the health of your palm trees. We won’t only apply one thing, we will make an integrated management of the pest (IPM) of the red palm weevil.

How do we carry out an Integrated Pest Management? We think about which is the best tool for the plant and for the pest, depending on the time of the year. We combine the different existing tools, applying each of them when it is the best time to do it.

How do we know that it is the best time to do it? Here you have an example of a calendar that could be completed with applications of chemical phytosanitaries if it were necessary. Should you need help to adequate the calendar to your area or the tools you use, contact with us. We can help you

If you find it necessary, and you don’t want residues in your plants, you can use endotherapy when it is needed. This way you will avoid the presence of chemical insecticides on the outside of your plants.

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